From East to West with Love is a not-for-profit project that uses exhibitions, performances, public discussions and collaborations as a platform to engage with their audiences. This platform is used to create opportunities to connect with arts professionals, academics and the local cultural community in learning, engaging, questioning and identifying with the current changes in culture. It also addresses the opportunities that Eastern and Western European mobility provides for the cultural and creative industries.



Filming & Editing: Ivan Petkov, Emilia Moniszko, Kirk Hastings, Rob Hamp
Sound: Kirk Hastings, Ian Todd

Music: Kirk Hastings, Ian Todd, Messages to Mars




'The Van Trip' is From East to West with Love's newest intervention. The film tells a story of three artists, travelling non-stop across Europe in a builder's van to deliver one tonne of salt and a hundred loaves of bread to Lodz, Poland.  This action plays homage to a Polish tradition using 'Bread and Salt', simultaneously acting as a commentary to the socio-political climate of today's Britain.


This sixteen-minute documentary features a diverse range of shots including post-journey interviews with the artists, Go-Pro material, aerial shots and time-lapses that capture different elements of the journey. An integral part of the film was the vlog entries filmed by and featuring the artists involved (Ivan Petkov and Rob Hamp) giving a diverse and human view of the project as it happened.






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