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We've helped Spectra develop a visual identity that translated their community-focused brand values and supported them in bringing their creative mission at the forefront of their digital communications.


Visual Identity

Content Creation

Project scope


Spectra is a Midlands based professional theatre company that celebrates neurodiversity through multi-sensory, accessible theatre experiences. They work with professional artists of neurodiverse backgrounds and disabilities. Spectra also utilises various public spaces, art galleries and museums for delivering original, participatory shows that are toured nationally to thousands of audiences.

The company approached us with the need of cultivating their brand identity, developing a campaign for their newest show 'Eat the Stars' and creating a design package for their industry report.  The solution to this was to reassess Spectra's brand positioning discover their brand attributes and develop an identity that would enable the organisation to communicate its values clearly and concisely with their staff and audiences, whilst positioning it as a key industry player.

Project goals


reposition the organisation as a leading, inclusive, immersive theatre company in the region and beyond


help audiences and users identify with the brand


improve the brand's consistency in online and offline channels


illustrate  company's collaborative approach to work

Brand Positioning

Our goal was to find connections from the brand attributes in order to establish a
coherent visual style that would guide us through the process of translating the brand visually

Words such as compelling, imaginative, exciting and fun, appeared to relate to the immersive nature of the company and the experiential factor which is the key factor of Spectra’s performances.

Whereas words such as authentic, diverse, inclusive and welcoming suggested the openness related to the human element within the company as well as the equality, which is central in the company’s ethos.

This helped us to summarise Spectra’s brand attributes as Experiential Freedom, which enabled us to translate it visually with related imagery, colours and an overarching

brand style.









Spectra is Experiential Freedom

Social media content

We have used Spectra's live performances to capture their work on video and in still photography. We developed the captured material into the creation of digital assets that the company was able to incorporate into their online channels. 

Our main goal was to help Spectra develop a consistent visual aesthetic for Instagram, that showcases the talents of their neurodiverse cast, shows the theatrical diversity of their shows as well as raises awareness and celebrates the often forgotten and misjudged neurodiverse community in the arts industry.

Print & Digital Collateral

Part of Spectra's legacy is focused on their collaborative and organic approach to work which we aimed to highlight in various assets created for digital use and in print. 

We have also woven Spectra's playful identity into the design of their newly commissioned report focused on theatre made by artists with learning disabilities as well as the design of their manifesto which summarises the report itself.


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