During the Discovery stage, our aim was to gain more knowledge about  Plantarium, its community, users, competitors, aspirations and the vision. Understanding this enabled us to identify the key attributes associated with Plantarium and its culture.

From the brand attributes excersise we were able to draw a connection between two clusters of words. Firstly, 'Effortless', 'Sophisticated', 'Contemporary', which reflected Plantarium's clean and minimal style, while words like 'Forward thinking', 'Sustainable' and 'Caring', related to brand's values rooted in its green ethos of the company. Collating this information together allowed us to develop a uniform visual brand style

Logo Design

Our designers combined typography with contemporary vector graphics in order to encapsulate Plantarium's sophisticated look and tone. 

The flexibility of the design allows the logomark to be easily used in print and digital applications including office collateral, packaging, apps, video, motionsocial media platforms.

Ensuring brand consistency was a crucial element of developing Plantarium's new brand guide. We have developed an image style guide and templates for all digital platforms including the website, social media platforms and their features. 

This helped Plantarium achieve visual consistency across all platforms even when utilising agile and user-generated content. 

blunt & Brave

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