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Realities and Dreams Culture Under Covid Podcast


University of Warwick


'Realities & Dreams: Culture under COVID' is a podcasts by University of Warwick, examining the impact of Covid-19 on the UK creative economy. The project involved us producing the podcast as well as providing guidance on, interviewing techniques and best practices for capturing user generated audio.


Audio Consultancy

Audio Production

Voiceover Recording

Music Scoring

Mixing & Mastering

Project insights

The Process

All interviews were conducted by the researchers from the Centre for Cultural Policy and Media Studies via Zoom with audio captured separately via various mobile devices.  Our team edited and produced the raw audio into a series of four, twenty- minute podcasts.

As well as stringing and editing the conversations we also wrote an original into music theme, sequenced with voiceover(s) and outro music.

The projected was completed with a production of four episodes, each averaging approximatelhy 20-25 minutes in lenght.

The Outcome

You can listen to the series on Spotify

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