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Esports Futures


Esports Futures took 200 young people aged 16-24 across a two day experience aimed at re-engaging them with work and education by trying new things! Using games as a catalyst, each session focussed on teaching essential transferable skills and inspiring the confidence and curiosity to build a brighter future.


Skills Development & Training

Value created


young people from across Warwickshire gained access to developing new digital skills


full day workshops delivered

Legacy created

through development of accessible, online learning resources

Project insights

The Esports Futures programme was divided into a series of two-day workshops. On day one, the programme participants were coached by esports industry leaders on how to create, plan and compete in an esports tournament.

On day two we ran a digital workshop where young people had an opportunity to experience various roles and tasks of a digital agency by learning how to brand and market their tournament.

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