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Adoption UK Fundraising Video


We've helped Adoption UK, the leading adoption support charity in the country, create an appeal video to be used as a promotional aid during fundraising events and charity balls. Adoption UK provides support, community and advocacy for all those whose lives involve adoption, including those parenting children who cannot live with their birth families, and adopted people. The organisation provides a strong, supportive community and is the largest voice of adopters in the UK.

Our role was focused on transforming the script that was provided by the charity into an emotionally charged, action driven story reflecting the importance and the impact organisation delivers on adoptive perents, adoptees and their families. The video consists of carefully curated and edited stock footage combined with audio voiceovers recorded and produced in house by our voiceacting colleagues and sound producers.


Video Production

Stock Footage Curation

Voiceover  Recording

Audio Mixing & Mastering

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