Messages To Mars are a three-piece Nu Jazz/Jazztronica outfit from Coventry. Combining energetic, world-inspired grooves with mood-setting synths and manipulated saxophone, MTM explore deep into the vast abyss of their sound.


Art Direction & Design: Emilia Moniszko

Filming & Editing: Emilia Moniszko


The artwork was created for 'Abjure' a nearly eight-minute-long electronic piece. The title of the piece means 'to solemnly renounce (a belief, cause, or claim)'.

The black planet loosely portrays the idea of a 'belief' whilst the remaining three planets can be seen as a formation of a trinity, or even the three band members themselves. 



The music video further explores the meaning of Abjure, and we see the black planet again, slowly coming closer, taking over the horizon, while the sky responds to the music itself. The last shot in the video creates a subtle sense of tension, which leaves the viewer on a cliff hanger, not knowing the true impact of the planet nor the reason behind the presence of the man on the empty beach. 


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