We helped the Coventry City of Culture Trust inaugurate the start of the City of Culture Year with a campaign video, for their opening event 'Coventry Moves Together'.

In just under two weeks, our team has conceptualised, storyboarded, planned and shot a one-minute video with an aim to invite local residents to take part in this historic moment.

Concept Development

Script Writing 


Video & Audio Production

Post Production

Location Shoots



Our role was to create an instructive, campaign video that invited local residents to take part in a multi-stream, sonic experience written and created by composer Dan Jones for the Coventry Moves Together initiative.

As part of the project, we were responsible for the production planning, storyboarding, visual style and narrative development, scriptwriting, commissioning a voice-over artist, filming and editing as well as audio mixing and music setting.

Family Scenes.00_00_43_05.Still018.png
Family Scenes.00_00_51_00.Still021.png
Family Scenes.00_00_42_09.Still001.png
Family Scenes.00_00_39_22.Still017.png

Project Team

Project Manager: Emilia Moniszko

Film Director & Storyboarding: Kirk Hastings

Aerial Footage: Bogdan Dobrowolski

Voiceover Artist: Dave Marshall Barret

iaison: Coventry City of Culture Trust

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