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Our digital audit is designed to help you make an informed choice without any obligations.


We will help you assess your current situation and help you pick a direction that is most suitable for your organisation's needs.

  • Available Online

    An overview of your digital channels with a bespoke plan of action.

    30 min

  • What should I expect from the session?
    The aim of the session is to gain clarity of your business positioning and your business goals in order to offer you a solution that is tailored to your business needs. Depending on the focus of your query, we will discuss things like: your digital channels, user groups and your specific industry. We will also discuss different options and directions that your project can take, including project specifc goals and objectives.
  • What will happen after the session?
    After the session, we will e-mail you a summary of our findings and provide you with a proposal outlining the project direction/s. We will also provide you further information about the process and next steps.
  • How should I prepare?
    It is important that we gain as much insights about your business and/or your project during the session. Once you get to the booking page for the session you wish to book will provide you with more information on what questions you can consider in time for the session.
  • The support I require is not listed above.
    That's absolutely fine, we can help with a varied list of digital projects. Please e-mail us at or contact us directly through our contact form to discuss the specific needs of your project. We will do our best to support you or help to connect you with proffessionals from our network.
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